The History and Evolution of Chef Pants

Chef Uniform History: The Pants

There is scarcely a restaurant that you can run into where uniforms are not used in the kitchen. You may observe that executive chefs strictly wear plain black pants most of the time.

However, working chefs, soups chefs and line-cooks put on the black and white checks. The hound?s tooth pattern is utilized in order to hide the spills and splashes of the more active chefs. On the other hand, the managing chef would usually sport black pants because spills are less likely to occur.

There are various chef pants even before and especially these days. The chef ants are classified into groups.

First is the ultimate chef pant, followed by a baggy style, then cargo chef pants, tailored chef pants, utility chef pants, even chef shorts, women’s cut chef pants, traditional chef pants, and lastly the traditional chef pants.

Now we will find out what are the differences of the aforementioned pants.

1. Ultimate Chef Pants – these pants are also labeled as the ultimate style and comfort. These pants are more tailored compared to the Baggy chef pants, plus it’s a little roomier than the traditional chef pants.

This type of pants are available is various colors and prints to give balance to the other Chef attires.

2. Baggy Chef Pants – baggy pants offers great comfort and style as well. In addition to that, these pants are durable and it provides more room for the knees and legs to move.

Some styles provide cell phone pockets as well. There are designs that are flair; therefore your feet can have a better feel.

3. Cargo Chef Pants – these pants are usually sturdy and durable, suited for cargo chefs out there.

These pants include leg pockets that have flaps and closure to keeps items inside form slipping. These pants are breathable and can ensure you comfort when you are working for a long day.

4. Tailored Chef Pants – these pants are even better for you since it is designed to have a wider leg for you comfort, plus a modern style that will add elegance and sophistication in your look.

5. Utility chef pants – some pants look like a baggy style pants but these utility pants lets you work as hard as you want. It provides a roomy fit and the ability that holds.

These pants have six pockets that allow you to store some personal belongings like wallet and cell phones and other tools.

6. Chef Shorts – this gear is also called as a casual short. Wearing shorts in the kitchen can actually give you a cool feeling. It is designed also for a roomy yet flattering fit.

7. Women’s Cut Chef Pants – these pants are inspired by an adage that form follows function. Therefore, these pants are built to complement the female shape.

The fabric that is used in designing these pants can increase air circulation for an extra cool feeling in a usual warm and busy kitchen.

8. Traditional Chef Pants – these type of pants offer a modern and a clean look that never weary of style. These pants offer a slim fit through the hip going to the thigh with a straight leg cut.

It has a convenient zipper fly (depending on the style if your choice). Furthermore, this design is soft and breathable.

9. Performance Chef Pants – It is so called a performance chef pants because it brings your athletic look. It gives you a new level of comfort in the kitchen that lets you move around with ease.

It has a streamline look because of the slim fit from the hip to the thigh and eventually gives a wider leg and ankle opening.

Generally chef uniform consist a hat or toque, double breasted jacket, and checkered pants which are common in the Western people. Wearing of Chef?s uniform started in the mid 19th century. Uniforms are said to exist to give honor to the chef.

The color white is very important for them since it symbolizes cleanliness. Lately, chefs wear uniforms to denote professionalism of chefs. Additionally, chefs can express their touch of style by putting on a decorated chef?s coat. Some of which may have food with inspired prints. In the modern world, various chefs? uniform emerges with prints and lines.

However, for most serious chefs they would always wear white coats to imply the importance and high regard to their profession. So, whether you are into fashion and trendy chefs uniform, it all depends upon you on how you are going to perform you task and carry it out with utmost professionalism.

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