The Exclusive Chef Jackets

Whatever you do has a special meaning and respect. So we see that most professionals have specific clothing that distinguishes them from others. You can easily spot a nurse or a policeman from a distance.

Similarly, chefs have their distinguishing uniform and the chef coat is one of the most distinguishing parts of the attire. It is a symbol of absolute professionalism.

What is a Chef Jackets?

It is not like any ordinary jacket. It has a special utility for the chefs.

The jackets are worn as a shield when the chefs are at work in the kitchen to protect them from the intense heat of the ovens. Moreover, they look quite decent when they wear their chef’s coat.

Origin of Such Jackets

Chefs have been wearing these garbs from times unknown. Then around the middle of 1800, the chef’s jacket was redesigned by Marie-Antoine and the traditional coat was replaced by the one that you see today all over the world.

Previously gray-colored coats and also hats were worn that did not have brims. But the new stylish jacket of the chefs took a new look.

Description of the Chef Jackets

Most of the jackets are of the same design all over the world except for a few embellishments like buttons of knotted cloth or geometrical designs. The sleeves are long that can be folded inside.

They may be simple or have colored piping with large pockets on the left-hand side. White is the traditional color of these jackets as white is a symbol of perfection and cleanliness.

They are double-breasted. The material that is used is pure cotton as it helps to keep the chef comfortable while he works in the kitchen among ovens and grills. Cotton being a wonderful insulator it does not allow heat to penetrate the body.

It is a great achievement for a chef to keep his/her coat spotlessly clean and stainless after cooking. The double-breasted jackets have great advantages as you can reverse and wear the garb inside out so that the stains are hidden from view.

Another great facility that the chef coat offers is that it protects the cooks from hot oil or other liquids from splashing directly on them. The natural fibers of the cotton material make the attire quite breathable and can bear the harsh environment of the kitchens. They are quite affordable also. You will mostly see the typical chefs wearing the white chef’s coat.

Other Types of Jackets Worn by Chefs

There is a difference in the color of the jackets between the head chef or the person who holds the highest position and the ordinary chefs. Khaki coats are worn by them. These coats too are stylish as well as durable.

The difference in color helps to identify the position of the person. Moreover, head cooks need to interact with customers quite often. So they must look presentable and smart.

Wearing the appropriate uniform is a must for every profession. So chefs too need to wear their jackets when on duty to maintain the norms of cuisine services. Nowadays various other types of chef coats are available. They are quite expensive and trendy.

Since both women, as well as men, are into this profession, you will get a variety of designs, colors like black, charcoal, olive green, red, and others and sizes. Tastes are always changing and the younger generation always looks for something new and funky. They get their coats customized and do not wear traditional white coats.

However, uniformity is maintained so that the position of the chefs can be recognized at a glance. Some companies get their chef coats specially made so that there is a discipline in the garments worn by the chefs of that particular unit.

Care is taken to maintain both style and comfort and cotton is the perfect material for the same while white is still considered as the most dignified color for the jackets of the chef.

What to Look for When Buying the Chef Jackets?

Always remember that you have to wear your jacket for the whole day. So never compromise on the quality of the material. It must be 100% cotton and of the perfect fit that will make you look smart and stylish and keep you cool.