Specialties for each region of the U.S. – Southeast

source : pixabay

The southeastern United States was a large-scale agricultural area represented by Georgia and South Carolina, and landowners who owned a vast farm the size of a country called plantation were also the main forces of the South during the Civil War. This is where the 17th century British colonialists first built in the Americas.


On the large farm, black slaves were overworked making their owners’ food all day long and developed unique dishes such as Hopin-Jack. Not only are various crops such as peaches, nuts, rice, and lemons grown on a large scale, but seafood dishes such as shrimp and fish are also developed because they are along the beach.

The Florida area is particularly famous for oranges brought by Spanish conquerors, and Cajun food and fried chicken from New Orleans were also made here. Barbecue is also a unique cooking culture here, so many foods that come to mind when we think of American cuisine come from the southeast. One peculiar thing is that Henry Ford was the founder of the famous Ford Motor Company who developed the world’s first barbecue grill.