Specialties for each region of the U.S. – Northeast

source : pixabay

As you know, there are many areas in the northeastern United States, represented by New York and Pennsylvania, where Pilgrims immigrated to the United States in the early 17th century to escape persecution. Although it has been glorified a lot now, the Pilgrims at the time were truly commercial beggars among the beggars just before starvation. How scared and hungry they were, the natives who couldn’t see them taught them how to grow various foods and crops. It was the first Thanksgiving in 1621 that Pilgrims held the festival together by distributing the harvested food to the natives out of gratitude. But after a while, the situation reversed and the indigenous Indians were brutally slaughtered, which is a bitter irony of history. This is a glimpse of the cruelty of white migrants.

Anyway, the representative ingredients introduced at this time were nuts and syrup types, and Boston Baked Beans, which is still famous, is one of the representative dishes in the region. Not only that, but of course, seafood dishes have been developed because it is a seaside area along the Atlantic Ocean. The southern and inland regions of the United States, which will be introduced in a little while, can be seen as a place where not only political culture but also food culture stand at a counterpoint. Potato dishes were developed as a large number of Irish people migrated to the Boston area at the age of 19, and this led to the development of unique soup dishes such as New England chowder. And in the late 19th century, another large number of Italians immigrated to Boston. As a result, pizza and pasta, one of the world’s most popular dishes, have been improved to the American style and are loved.