Specialties for each region of the U.S. – Midwest

source : pixabay

In the 1800s, American pioneers began to move to the Midwest of the United States, and large-scale dairy farming developed as the Swiss settled in the current Wisconsin region. It is an area where milk, cheese, eggs, bacon, and onions are produced a lot.

In particular, as the largest granary in the U.S., grain production such as corn, rye, and wheat is enormous. A few farms run rice fields the size of South Korea, and it takes hours to travel even by plane. Like a granary, the bakery industry has developed.

In the 1880s, when German immigrants settled in this area, they were greatly influenced by German cooking culture, and the representative ones would be “hamburgers” and “hot dogs.” In addition, jelly, donuts, and cookies have developed from the Germans.