How to choose tablechairs.

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This information is how to choose tablechairs.

There are many types of chairs that can be placed on the table.

From ordinary chairs to bench types that remind you of cafes,
And there’s a basketball. Among them, regular chairs are ones that you can see at home.
It’s a kind of table chair. There’s a backrest where you can sit on your back.
There are some armrests and some don’t.
There are various materials ranging from leather to fabric and wood plastic.
It’s the easiest and most comfortable one, but if there’s something uncomfortable,
It takes up a lot of space. Especially, to prepare extra food,
It can be burdensome because it takes up more space than you think.

The next type of table chair is bench type.

Most people don’t have a backrest.
These days, you can also find a lot of products with backrests.
The biggest advantage of the bench type is that it can use space efficiently!
If you don’t use it, you can put it under the table and use the surrounding space.
Unlike the general type, the number of people who can sit in chairs is also flexible, so it is very efficient.
But there are a lot of people who are uncomfortable with bench-type chairs.
You’d better buy it after sitting down.

Lastly, the type of table chair that you call bastool or barchair

Usually, it’s a good chair to put on an Irish table or at a home bar.
The Irish table and home bar are often high.
There are a lot of chairs with long legs.
In the case of regular stools without “ba”,
It’s a one-person assistant.
Whatever it is, it’s easy to move around and you can have it additionally.
It’s convenient, so it’s good to use.


How to choose the shape of the table.

Today, I’m going to show you the size and shape of the table.
I’m going to give you a tip on how to choose customized ones!

A regular table.

First, a table that you can see at home.
It’s a standard table.
The regular type is a square and round table that you can see around you.
It’s organized.

in ordinary circumstances
I enjoy cooking and often eat at home.
There is enough storage space for cooking tables and home appliances in the kitchen.

If it falls under, I recommend a standard table.


Square dining table.

The advantage of a square is that it’s a table that goes well with everything.
In the case of a narrow space, if you attach one side to the wall, you can make the space useful.
However, since the edges are angled, it’s easy to bump into each other.

Especially, if a child is born in the future, for safety reasons, a shock prevention sticker…
You have to stick it on.
Also, it is regrettable that the number of people who can sit is fixed due to the nature of the square.


Round table.

The original shape is round and there’s no fear of bumping into each other.
You don’t have to put anti-shock stickers on your children later.
Also, as long as the chair is in and the space is allowed, several people can sit flexibly.

But if you think about the space to put the chair in and take it out, surprisingly, more than the square table,
I need a large space.
And if you stick it on one wall, compared to when you don’t,
Space utilization is significantly reduced.


Functional table.

You can use it efficiently in a small space.
Functional table!
Home bar/Ireland table,
There’s an extended table.

Home bar / Irish table

I usually eat simple meals at home.
When there’s no place to put the table,
If you’re worried about the storage and counter space,

The advantage is not only the table, but also the counter and storage space.
It plays three roles, so it’s perfect for a small kitchen!
The storage to hide kitchen appliances such as light wave ovens, microwaves, and rice cookers.
It’s good if you need it or if the existing kitchen counter is short and narrow.

However, most Irish tables are over 85cm high.
It’s higher than a regular 70~75cm table, so I’ll wear a proper bar chair.
It can be uncomfortable if you don’t match it.

Also, if you don’t have enough space to put your legs in due to the storage space at the bottom,
It can be inconvenient because it is far from the table.

Expandable dining table.

It’s a small house, but when customers come often, a table, a desk, a home cafe,
I recommend it when using it for various purposes.

The advantage is that couples usually put it aside when they eat.
When guests come, open the table for two and four.
It can be transformed into a six-seater for four-seater.

Also, not only eating at the table, but also working on computers and documents.
It can be useful if you often do things that require a large space.


About the movement in the kitchen.

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‘ ㅡ ‘ shaped kitchen.

‘-‘ In the case of the shaped kitchens.
(10 square meters to 30 square meters)
It is mainly distributed.
Normal movement.
1. Take out ingredients from the fridge.
2. Cleaning the ingredients.
3. Cooking.
4. Heating.
It is designed in consideration of the order.
It refers to the shape of workstations arranged in a row and is an effective structure for kitchens designed in a narrow area.
The disadvantage is that it is a movement that goes back and forth between the two sides, so as the work repeats, fatigue can accumulate as the movement overlaps and lengthens.

‘ㄱ’shaped kitchen.

The “ㄱ” shaped kitchen…
It can be said that it is the most distributed kitchen in Korea’s house structure.
It’s an L-shaped kitchen with a workbench placed on two walls.
The “ㄴ” kitchen.
It’s also called this.
The frost between the workbench is short.
The overall path is short.
Increasing work efficiency is a structure.
A sink, a heater, and a refrigerator.
By constructing a triangular path,
The effect of reducing the power in the lyrics…
It’s also the structure that you can enjoy the most.
More than anything, the table…
When placed in the kitchen,
It’s most desirable. In a small kitchen,
It can be said to be the most efficient deployment.

‘ ㄷ’ shaped kitchen.

This structure was recently built.
From mid to late 30 pyeong to around 60 pyeong,
On many pyeongs,
It’s a distributed kitchen structure.
Rather than the triangular movement of the “A” shaped kitchen,
It is building a form in which the travel distance is shortened, and the cumulative degree of fatigue accordingly is also accumulated.
It’s a much smaller structure.
The distance between the two parallel workstations is…
1m to 1.5m is appropriate.
The recent trend is the living room kitchen.
It also fits the design.
Many people are changing their kitchens.
It’s also a wannabe kitchen.

“Ireland.” Your kitchen.

Independent Irish kitchens are usually large equilibrium water.
In apartments, villas, houses, etc.
It’s a structure that appears.
At first glance, it looks similar to the “C” kitchen,
The independent location of Ireland,
As the area of the island itself gets bigger,
I’ll use a grander and more relaxed workbench,
It is used for a variety of purposes more than that.
It’s also effective.
It’s a structure with a work path.
Sometimes, it’s shown on TV.
The kitchens of famous celebrities…
Something you can encounter when you enter.
This is the kitchen.
(Just because I’m on TV doesn’t mean it’s expensive or anything) ^^)
Like the “C”-shaped kitchen,
I’m going to work on a cooking lamp and use a wide workbench.
The fact that you can look at the living room,
I’m going to give a big marit to the user.
It’s a kitchen structure that makes you feel it.


Experience as a chef vs academic background?

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How much academic background is needed?

This job is not the end of my career when I choose to be a former chef. I hope you think like that.

This is because, like other occupations, you can enter various fields using a basic career background.

So, in Korea, study hard and go to Kyung Hee University for four years.

Two-year employment rate… Compared to Kyung Hee University’s four-year reputation and social perspective…

I hope you prepare it according to Korea.

When I meet and listen to my juniors attending culinary college in Korea,

They thought it was similar except for a few local troops.

It is said that there are many places where people pay for certificates or collect awards and medals at competitions.

Even if you go to a local university, go to the metropolitan city. There should be a lot of jobs.

For your information, only a few countries, including Korea, have officially decided that they are a four-year bachelor’s degree.

Most of the time, two-year system is the basic option, and the scholar leaves it as an option to continue.

The United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, etc. are all the same.


In the case of overseas, education should be interpreted a little differently.

In Korea, do you go to four years with a cut line on your grades, go to in Seoul, or go to a junior college?

We share and share like this.

A culinary college in a foreign country is a technical college, or college.

It’s not a place called 4-year university in order of grades.

College of Technology. In other words, it is an intermediate educational institution that does not reflect grades and allows students to learn technology two years earlier and go out to society.

If you take Australia as an example,

Most Australians attend public culinary colleges called TAFE.

There’s a prestigious university of culinary arts. There is no concept of going in grade order based on the quality of the university.

Each region can be concentrated in schools in a specific area due to facilities or traffic to cities.

And you can go to junior high school only after you finish your second year of high school.

That’s why many international students in Korea are preparing to study abroad after their second year of high school.

Like this… Saying that it is a prestigious university in a culinary university is actually close to the concept of a sign that international students and Asians think of.

The culinary university called CIA in the United States also taught professional skills to help Cham Cheon-yong enter society.

It has become a terrifying place for international students to spend nearly 200 million won on tuition.

If there was a so-called prestigious culinary college,

SKY in Korea. Just as people from Harvard and Oxford MIT are leading industries around the world,

Chinese and Koreans should lead the restaurant field.

Asian people are overflowing in a place called Cooking Famous Station.

And Australians go to public technology schools that cost about 5 to 6 million won a year.

These people are probably lagging behind international students, right? It’s ironic, right?

The educational background referred to in the actual industry and the study abroad industry should now be distinguished by you.

I’ve been saying this all the time.

The history and tradition of school can’t be ignored,

In the field of cooking, career comes first over academic background.

The school has a long history and tradition. The school has to make the ability and route to build a career.

I don’t think a cooking school that proudly offers classes without such competence is more than an educational institution.

For example, let’s say you got a culinary science or master’s degree.

But would I be better at cooking in the kitchen?

Will I be able to get a job better?

Even if I become a chef, would I be better at cutting in the kitchen?

However, the quality of the network you get from school will be different.

The place where you meet passionate people also narrows when you go out of society.

School is a meaningful place in that respect.

Cooks don’t really get together, and they try to get along well.

I don’t know if it’s because we have our own Gonjo… In society, gatherings of chefs do not take place well.

However, schools are different. That’s why the connection we meet at school lasts a long time.

High education in the cooking industry is to set the direction for management, development, and marketing.

In fact, I haven’t seen Westerners who go to a four-year bachelor’s degree to become chefs.

You have to build your career and make money at that time.

Two years of education in the basic profession of cooking is appropriate.

After that, it ends when you learn at the workplace and learn by yourself.

You can’t learn everything at school. It’s a basic curriculum. What would I learn?

So overseas education is the standard for dividing Cook and Chef.

If you learned it professionally, you can be a qualified chef,

Cook is everyone who started without education or started cooking on a cooking program.

When choosing whether to study or not or not,

For those who are studying abroad, if you come out on a two-year program,

You can experience what kind of chef you want to be and what kind of chef you want to be.

I think it’s a good choice to decide whether to continue your studies or not in the future.

In foreign countries, when I joined a large company called a hotel or a restaurant, I only need to come out for two years.

So, I studied cooking in Australia for 2 years and ran on the spot.

There are people who continue their studies. There are things to get a higher position when you get permanent residency,

In fact, it’s also to make various branches about the job while working.


The basic knowledge of meat.

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Children especially like meat among foods. If only the meat is prepared as much as possible, it seems easy to make food because you can grill, stir-fry, boil, or boil soup stew. So, the food that is often served on the table is meat side dishes and meat.

Thanks to this, a certain amount of meat, including cow, chicken, and duck, is always frozen in the refrigerator. Since it is important to cook and eat, the timing and amount of meat transferred from the freezer to the refrigerator and room temperature are carefully calculated. Meat side dishes may be a little excessive from the morning, but I think I have to cook meat for dinner or weekends to relax my mother.

Personally, I didn’t start eating pork properly until I was 20. My father didn’t eat pork, and my grandmother’s family rarely served pork dishes. At home, I always ate beef, chicken, and seafood. My father’s favorite were sirloin steak, mother’s chicken leg dishes, salted shrimp, and lobster. These are dishes that I ate a lot in my childhood.

Pork that I started eating late. I remember being surprised by the delicious pork stew, boiled pork, stir-fried spicy pork, and grilled pork belly. In particular, how much pork belly I bought with my friends throughout college, and a lot of my pocket money would have been spent on eating out pork. It’s a relief that pork belly was not as expensive as it is now. The taste of pork that I learned late is scary.

I still like meat, including pigs. When my husband worked in Daegu and Gimcheon, he fell in love with Daegu makchang and talked about makchang whenever we met on weekends, and he was suddenly hooked on lamb skewers and lamb chops one year, so he went to eat them every two weeks. My husband, who doesn’t eat much meat, sometimes didn’t seem to understand me, who showed off my infinite appetite for meat, but he always followed me smoothly and ended up eating nearly twice as much as I did.

Then I can’t eat very much meat anymore. It’s been five years since I’ve had that favorite entrails, and it’s been more than a year since I’ve eaten out pork belly. I can’t remember when I went to eat lamb skewers, which I was enthusiastic about. Strangely, I wasn’t craving or attracted from some point, and the frequency of buying meat outside also decreased significantly.

Sometimes, foods such as pork kimchi stew, pork soup, sundae soup, bossam, stir-fried pork, and duruchigi, which are bought for lunch, have a unique smell of meat. I would have enjoyed it in the past, but these days, it’s hard to put it on my mouth, so I wonder if my taste buds have become a little picky or sensitive. I also wonder. Thanks to this, I have carefully selected restaurants that suit my taste buds and have the efficiency of going to only those places.

Anyway, meat should be served steadily and diligently on our table where children are growing. In the meantime, as a chef, I became sensitive to the smell of meat, so I pay the most attention to that, especially because I have to enjoy it together. I hope that children’s taste in meat will be healthy and healthy and grow into blood and flesh with plenty of protein and good fat.

I kept writing the title like this and kept leaking it. Last weekend evening, her husband’s beef rib steak and grilled lamb legs were excellent. My husband doesn’t eat a lot of meat, but he cooks it really deliciously, and last week, he grilled the meat especially deliciously and carefully seasoned it. Two types of meat, a cow grilled full of crispy and juicy meat. The day I couldn’t envy the world when I ate it with sauce and salad.

A son who had a lot of steak and three legs with an unusually vigorous appetite than usual.

Words that he left with a smile on his face after a meal.

“This is the basic knowledge of meat!”