Best Restaurants in Greece Are Local Secrets

The best restaurants in Greece

The best restaurants in Greece are not typical tourist traps, but those eateries that savvy visitors and locals like to frequent. In fact, a gastronomy guide to Greece states that most of the country’s restaurants feature wonderful foods at fair prices.

Also, the current financial difficulties in the country translate into great deals on fine dining in many of the country’s top food establishments.

The Greek cuisine, as many people in Greece know, is a family-style of dining. For instance, the entrees are meant to be shared with everyone at the table.

Also, diners with experience eating Greek foods know that wherever you stay in this ancient land, there’s some wonderful nosh being served in an atmosphere that’s simply beautiful and out of this world.

By far the best restaurants in Greece can be found in Athens where you can find hotels to fit any budget, from places like the Divani Apollon Palace and Spa on the high end to quaint Hostels for the budget-minded traveler.

Moreover, there are many traditional Greek fast foods to tempt you at local food stands, bars, and cafes. The foods include such favorites as souvlaki, gyros, and a wonderful cheese and spinach pie.

Gastronomy King  Restaurant in Greece

There are many websites touting great food and drink at the best restaurants and bars in Greece. For instance, most travel and gastronomy guides point to this place or that place as simply having the best traditional Greek foods to thrill your culinary senses. However, locals say the best Greek cuisine depends on individual tastes and various locations around Greece and the Greek islands.

At the same time, visitors to Athens can expect to find more than 1,000 restaurants in the city.
Thus, wherever you stay there’s bound to be local Greek cuisine being served.
In addition, the people who’ve visited Athens and other parts of Greece, report online that there are some famous restaurants located near the Acropolis and other ancient landmarks.

What’s on the menu in Greek restaurants?

When it comes to fine dining in Greece, travelers say certain traditional Greek dishes are a must for both first-time visitors and those who are returning to this magical place that’s known for not only great food at great prices.
But super friendly service as well.

The typical Greek nosh that visitors and locals enjoy includes all sorts of Mediterranean dishes featuring fish, poultry, rabbit, lamb, and pork.

Greek cooking also includes the use of olive oil, local vegetables, herbs, yogurt, and goat cheese. Also, desserts often feature nuts, honey, and other sweets rolled in filo pastry.

Moreover, the word “mezes” is the term for a mix of traditional small Greek dishes that are served with fine Greek wines and the famous anise-flavored liqueur called ouzo. In addition, the name for appetizers in Greece is “orektika.”

For instance, most meals start with traditional pita bread with special dips that complement a glass of Greek beer or wine.

The older restaurants also serve foods from ancient Greek history. For example, there’s a dish called loukaniko (dried pork sausage), and avgotaraho (cured fish roe).

Overall, the best restaurants in Greece are the ones you and your fellow travelers discover when you visit Athens or other cities and islands in this ancient land.